Connectivity Cognizance: A Social Media Strategy

(To WRT 232 readers. Sorry, but this final post for class is going to be unsatisfying to read. I have been more distracted by my 16-page historiography on the Black Death. However, I enjoyed having class with you all! Best of luck.)

connectivity (2)As the final requirement for a course I took on Writing for New Media, I was made to develop a forward-looking strategy for my online social media presence. Writing for New Media was basically an introductory course to Web authoring, but not in the technical sense of the term. Since the course was designed by the Writing and Rhetoric department at Oakland University, emphasis was on social media theory and digital literacy; not desktop publishing (like HTML coding or graphic design). The intention, at the end, was to understand how to develop and maintain an academic or professional Web presence. My Google Sites website above was made for that express purpose. While I am aware that some of my interests and cultural references linked through this site may not be agreeable to all parties, it is my hope that I project an honest digital representation of who I am and aspire to be. Part of accomplishing this is realizing that my social networks need to be appropriate for everyone I can possibly imagine viewing them.

In addition to being introduced to new concepts, Writing for New Media made me more sensitive to the fact that we are all interconnected through new media. New media platforms are considerably trendy and multiform in today’s world, and they allow for social networking and instant user feedback. I realized that, if I was on even just one social media website, my digital footprint would extend far and wide across the Internet, making it easy for others to find me and view what I publish online. Crucial to this understanding is that, whatever I do or say on social media is bound to make an impression on others, including people that could play a pivotal role in my future. Therefore, maintaining a respectable image is very important. It is my goal, then, to reflect an academic, professional, and productive image of myself wherever a digital representation of me exists online.

Here (on Google Sites), all of my social media accounts are joined together into one central hub. Having all of them in one place underscores my confidence in regards to my Web presence. I have not been worried about my online presence in the past, but before taking Writing for New Media, I was not as cognizant of how social media facilitates many connections. Based on how I present myself, these connections can be fruitful, or they can inhibit my progress in the long-run. I have decided that the former option is more desirable.

On the sidebar of my Google Sites page are all of my social media accounts that are currently in use. They are all popular, and likely to reach a large number of people. Here, I will outline my intended use for each platform and suggest ways to maximize their potential:

  1. Facebook – From the start, I have intended for Facebook to be a social network where I connect and share with anyone who is present in my day-to-day life. These individuals should hold an informal relation to me as family, friends, or acquaintances.
  2. GrizzOrgs – As the Oakland University network for student organizations, I am hoping that GrizzOrgs enriches the rest of my university experience at OU. Having a way to connect with other students and faculty will hopefully lead to new activities, opportunities for leadership and personal development, as well as meaningful, lasting friendships.
  3. LinkedIn – LinkedIn, obviously, is for professional use. Wherever my degree takes me, I am hoping to connect with my supervisors, colleagues and references through LinkedIn. There has never been a better way to get endorsed and more readily reviewed by employers in today’s world.
  4. TwitterTwitter was a site that I never anticipated using. But through my perfunctory use of Twitter during my time in Writing for New Media, I realized how effective a simple “tweet” could be when it came to sending out reminders and notices for things like events, cancellations, etc.
  5. WordPress – WordPress is where the bulk of my substantive content will go, including essays, papers, or anything of serious intellectual endeavor. Several peers of mine have encouraged me to keep up my blog, Digital Téchnē, and I am grateful to them for this encouragement and interest in my writing.
  6. YouTube – With YouTube, I can create video presentations in the future for either school or work. YouTube allows for the opportunity to push my creative capacity, and maybe learn some video editing software in the future to showcase a media-rich portfolio.

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